Dudhsagar Waterfall | Best Time to Visit & Things To Do

The world-famous Dudhsagar is a four-tiered waterfall situated right at the borderline between Goa and Karnataka. It's absolutely surreal to witness the milky white vapours rising up from the fall— Hence, the name Dudhasagar. 

The waterfall is encircled by lush green trees and vegetations, which further enhances its ethereal appeal. Are you planning a trip to Dudhsagar Waterfalls? Well, let's take you through everything you need to know about this amazing place.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the fall is between October - June months. The weather is clear and pleasant, and despite the somewhat heat, the water is mighty cold. The waterfall tends to get more turbulent during the monsoons (between July - September) as the volume of water rises— this too is quite a spectacle to behold.


Things To Do

Visit Tambdi Surla Temple

Being one of the oldest temples in Goa, the Mahadeva Temple is dedicated to the Adiyogi Lord Shiva. The place has endured multiple invasions and the crusades during the 16th century and still survived, primarily because of its location as it lies deep within the Western Ghats forested areas. Another striking feature is that the temple is constructed entirely out of basalt.

Take a dip in the pools of the fall.

The pool is packed with turquoise blue water rolling down directly form the Dodhasagar waterfall. 

Tourists are permitted to swim, provided they agree to wear life vests. However, diving in the pool is strictly forbidden as its base is made up of a rocky formation, which could result in injuries.

 Devil's Canyon Trek

The Devil's Canyon is situated in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and a popular trekking destination in Goa. It's actually a creek with a magnificent river running through it. Although being breathtakingly beautiful, the water body is also a bit perilous due to its strong undercurrents and unmatched depth. If lucky, you might even end up catching a glimpse of exotic animals such as the black panther en route— Keep your DSLRs handy.

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