How to rent a bike in Goa - The Essentials of hiring a bike in Goa

In Goa hiring a bikes is easy just one phone call to the agent and the bike will reach your doorstep .When you are in other indian cities, you have to rely upon private cabs or overcrowded buses for commuting within the city, Goa offers the options of renting a bike and cars and can explore the Goa on your Rent a bike/Rent a car,Self-riding bike rentals offer you the freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you want. Just pay the bike rental and you are ready to explore the state in all its glory. 

Places for Renting a Bike in Goa

The bike rentals is available at every corner in Goa. You can simply ask your hotel staff for the nearest bike provider from where you can easily pick a bike on rent. Or you can simply type “bike rental near me” and you will get the plenty of options online.


The cost of the bike differ depending upon a Week days and weekend. The prices are different during national holidays and a long weekends. The Minimum rent for Honda Activa can range from INR350 to INR 500 depending upon the tourist. A Regular like Enfield cost you from INR 800 to INR 1200. In the off-season, rates of bike for rent in Goa are lower and Activa availed at approximately INR 300 a day

Documents Required for hiring a bike in Goa

License - You will have to submit your valid two-wheeler license to the bike dealer when you rent the bike. You can keep a copy with you while you drive.

Identification Proof - You can also submit a valid photo ID like PAN card or passport to the dealer

Bike Documents - Make sure you ask for all bike documents before you rent a two-wheeler as if the need arises at any point of time, you will need to produce the documents and won't be excused because you are a tourist.

Things to Keep in Mind While Renting a Bike in Goa

Test the bike -
Make sure to test the bike for 100-200m before you finalize upon it. Several bikes are old and not in great condition and may give you problems while you travel. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that it is completely functional. Goa has several roads with no streetlights and it is crucial you make sure that the brakes, headlights, and rear-view mirrors are working properly.

Note down dealer's contact information -
Do not forget to note down your bike dealer's mobile/contact number so that you can call him in case you run into any trouble while on road. Generally, most dealers have contacts all over the state and they can help you if required.

Check the fuel level -
Mostly, bikes for rent in Goa do not have any fuel in them when they are rented out. When you pick up a bike, check the fuel level and make sure to refill the fuel within the first 5-10 minutes of renting. Bikes run out of petrol immediately after they are taken on rent and it is best to avoid getting stuck on a road with no source of fuel.

Take the Accessories -
It is mandatory to wear helmets in Goa and you might get charged if you aren't wearing one. So, make sure you pick one along with your bike. You need not pay extra for your helmet as it is covered in the bike rental.

Timely Return -
Make sure you return your bike at the time it is decided because in case you are late even by few hours, the dealer will try to charge you extra

Record the bike condition -
If there are any scratches or damages on the bike before you rent it, take pictures of it and show it to the dealer before you begin your ride. This way, you cannot be held responsible for any damages when you return the bike.