Scuba Diving Malvan - Water Sports Malvan

Malvan Beach Goa is one of the most famous beaches for water sports. Offering you a whole range of activities spanning from scuba diving to jet skiing, this beach is just the perfect place to escape the crowded beaches and enjoy the activities thoroughly. Malvan Goa beach is an absolutely silent beach with people relaxing and chilling by the banks of it.

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A well trained instructor will be provided who will provide you with proper training before the activity so that scuba diving at Malvan is enjoyed without any hassle. Scuba diving equipments and shallow water training is included in the package offered Photos and a video clip of 3 to 5 minutes will also be captured for you but you will have to provide with your pen drive to download them. The scuba diving at Malvan trip will start at 7.30 am in the morning and continue till 4.00 pm in the evening You will also be provided with lunch veg/ non-veg, water, breakfast . Scuba diving is a kind of activity which is adventurous as well challenging. If you have the adventure seeker in you, this is a package which is waiting exclusively for you. Malvan professional scuba diving at Malvan is safe, joyous and an adventure enthusiast’s favorite activity. As the saying goes, big surprises come in small packages, this explains the adventure and beauty of Malvan making it a worth visit zone for tourists.