Divar, one of the beautiful islands of Goa which is hardly seen on an itinerary of a tourist as it is not as popular as other places in Goa. The delicate calm backwaters of Divar, don’t fail to fascinate you. To enthrall you more, we have come up with Water Sports in Divar Island. You will sail away on a 30 minutes jetty to Divar island from the Britona Jetty. The glimpses of the backwaters of Divar offer you to witness the rich flora and fauna on the way.

Watersports Packages:

. The activities included in our water sports and  scuba diving package, that are very popular and favoured by tourists are:

Timings: 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM

Here’s a short description of all the activities this package offers you: -

  • Scuba Diving :Scuba in Goa is one of the most sought after water sports activity. Aren’t you one of those who got influenced by the charming movie - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Well, we can’t promise you exactly the same experience but definitely an amazing experience. If you are coming to Goa, we wouldn’t advise you to go back without doing the best scuba diving in Goa.
  • Jet Ski in Goa: Jet ski is like riding a bike in the waters. Speeding through the stunning landscape and enchanting ocean, this ride though seems like a bike ride but is much more supersonic. It is one of the best water sports activities in Goa.
  • Banana Ride in Goa: Goa water sports are famous around the entire country for them being extremely fun and thrilling. Amongst all the water games in Goa, the Banana ride is a kind of a surprise for all. It is one hell of a ride over a banana-shaped rubber boat that sails over the water with twists and turns. The rest of it is a surprise which we wouldn’t want to tell you until you experience it in person.
  • Bumper ride in Goa: The bumper ride is yet another thrilling activity on the waters. You and your pals sit on a rubber flatboat which is then tied up to a speed boat. Why this activity has been named bumper ride is what you have to understand and experience there. But we assure you that this is going to be a spectacular ride.
  • Speed Boat: After all the water sports, a speed boat ride is a sweet end to the entire afternoon. In the activity, you will experience what is like riding speed over the water.
  • Kayaking : This is an exclusive activity in our entire Goa package. You won’t definitely get this on a Goa beach, but with us. Kayaking in Goa Beaches is one of the most exciting thing you can hear about. Kayaking is a peaceful water sport in which you ride in a small kayak and paddle across the waters.
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