Imagine being born with wings. Big beautiful wings which you could flap around. You could fly around happily, looking at the world from up in the sky, and everybody beneath you could see you and your beautiful wings soaring with the clouds. Nothing could compare to the wind gushing against your face, your body floating and the magnificent view.

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We are sure many of you shared this beautiful dream with us. The dream of being able to fly around and just feeling free, not being caged down and not being limited to the ground. We turned this dream into reality with the help of gliders and flying around in them, just like a bird, just like we imagined having wings would feel like. Feeling the adrenaline, taking off, landing, and of course, soaring in the sky while enjoying the magnificent view, each and every aspect of gliding is an art, an experience which cannot be compared to anything.

1 Hour 18 May, 19 May, 20 May, and more
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Paramotoring for 10 minutes

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Video- Extra chargeable